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Simple Practical Notes for Starting Your Own Podcast


  • Recording the Interview : Zoom
    Free for < 45 min interviews, or $21 AUD / month for longer
  • Editing the Interview : iMovie on the Mac
  • Getting a Jingle : Winter Wolf Media
    $330 AUD, once off
  • Images for use in my Opening Sequence : Unsplash
  • Creating an…

Including a demonstration of a Flutter Android TV app , showing how the “d-pad” (Android remote) can be accessed.

We just got one of these fancy new Android TV’s; And I’m a Flutter developer.

I’d like to make apps that I can play on the TV.
The thing to achieve first is deploying my own local app onto my Android TV.

  1. Build an app that has the “d-pad” support…

Flutter version 2 is out, and it’s great! …. But for the next while we need to handle version switching.

Find out what Flutter 2 brings us

Flutter version 2 is out, and it’s great!

The null checking is an excellent feature that is going to force us to remove a whole class of run time errors.

And the fact that we can now build our existing code into desktop apps is really interesting.

But, there is a…

I received a rune reading from The Happy Viking today.

It was full of exactly what I needed to hear, and I wanted to write it down somewhere to come back to and remember. So that is here now.

Stop thinking. Especially about all that you have to do and…

== A Journal Entry ==

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Unable to sleep so I thought I’d write an entry.
I’m in a place with no internet (called Laughing Waters), so I’m writing this offline, but my intention for it I guess it to then publish it on Medium tomorrow.

So much has happened since I’ve last done an entry.

There is no reason that even scientific research cannot be made to be engaging and gorgeous for users

Credit for this background goes to @upklyak from

With the release of the 𝚿 Psi Telepathy App this week, CoCreations sets a new standard in UX (user experience); creating a data collection app in a fringe and taboo area (psychic phenomenon) which is fun and exciting for people to engage with.

CoCreations is unusual in this sense too…

Update 29 Dec 2020 — about the OCI

I have had an unusually large number of views on this article — which I wrote while in the process of doing this migration — I feel an obligation therefore to add this update to let readers know that in the end I did not migrate our sites in the…

Look at the Data

I’ve always found Jordan Peterson’s denial of the patriarchy, which to me means systemic class structures, as a quite naive view. It’s made him a darling of the alt-right, despite his strong denial of feeling that association himself.

When I found myself awake at 3am this morning (bed wetting incident…

That I Want to Remember

Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

This is another journal piece.

I found myself unable to sleep tonight — my head was buzzy with a new plan that had hatched, but that I’m not going to write about here now — and so I decided to go for a walk.

I went for quite a decent…

A new life-work balance vlog and podcast

Hi everybody.

It’s been a long time since my since my last post.

Especially since I’ve done a journal style post like this.

In fact it’s been four months since my “New North Star” post.

By way of follow up to that one I can say that there has been…


Muse spent his youth searching the world for meaning, and good parties. He has now settled down to the quiet life of a writer, business owner, and father of 5.

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